Our mechanical workshop building has a corrugated fibre cement roof. It has no internal thermal insulation and no ceiling. During the summer months the internal temperature could rise into the mid- 30’s, matching the external temperature closely.

A Ceratech coating was applied to the roof last year and we have been very impressed to find that the internal temperature is now some 5 to 6 degrees lower than the external temperature. We believe that an even greater difference could be achieved if the large roller-shutter doors facing the north and east could be closed, but this is not practical for the workshop.

Unsolicited comment from employees who work in the workshop has been very positive and we regard this as important feedback. The success of your product on this roof has prompted us to consider other applications in the refinery.

P J Buley
Director – Refinery
1 Feb 1999


We recently painted our warehouse roof with Ceratech following an uncomfortable heat wave.
The change in temperature was felt immediately. It has made a huge impact on the conditions and morale of our warehouse staff. We are delighted with the outcome and fully endorse your product.

Donna Stephens
Take 2 - Head of Marketing
8 Feb 2011


Helderberg Primary School

We wish to place on record our experience with a product, CERATECH Thermal Barrier Coatings for roofs.

Our school is situated on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain in Somerset West. Despite our proximity to the sea, external ambient temperatures during the summer months can sometimes easily exceed 40 degrees Celcius. Even when in the lower 30 degrees, the temperature inside the classrooms far exceeds comfortable levels. our learners on these days become listless and struggle to focus.

The cost of installing and running sufficient air-conditioning to reduce the internal ambient temperatures to acceptable comfort levels was simply out of reach of our budget. Fortunately we were introduced to CERATECH Thermal Barrier Coatings for roofs. the manufacturers convinced us that by simply re-painting our roofs with their product, we would enjoy a comfortable environment regardless of the external temperature.

Despite our initial scepticism, we proceeded with the work, which was completed in 2006. We are pleased to report that thus far we have enjoyed four summers where the classroom temperatures are comfortable enough and teaching can proceed without interruption.

Yours sincerely
WM Sparrow

Principal, Helderberg Primary School
PO Box 22, Somerset West 7129
15 September 2010


"We are experiencing a substantial improvement though difficult to quantify. Air conditioners in the air conditioned areas definitely operate at lower levels and the other areas are much more tolerable, even though we have not reached our maximum temperature days. We did measure the IBR temperature on a painted and and un-painted section as 33 and 49+ degrees Celsius, not sure what the reading convey as the thermometer was held flat against the IBR and the 16+ difference does not necessary apply to the living area below. Suppose this will be further effected by airflow and cooling. I also noted 'n 11% reduction in our power consumption although the painting jobs started in the middle of the assessed period. We also had maintenance performed on our solar geyser during this time and it is not possible to allocate the source for the saving. Will be interested to see the next month's consumption. In summary, we think it is a great product and although we cant scientifically quantify the improvement, we are pleased with the cooler environment."

Johan Oosthuysen. Knife Machines and Tools (visit knife tools website)
3 Fundus Estates Akasia, Pretoria
Telephone 087 808 2400
19 November 2010


"My place was unbearably hot in summer and my wife and myself found it difficult and, at times, impossible to work effectively. I was initially sceptical about Ceratech. The idea that a coat of 'paint' could solve the problem seemed absurd and the solution to our troubles too simple to believe. But desperation drove me and over two days I personally painted it on.

The following day the temperature went up to 37 degrees in the shade - Cape Town can do that. Quite a test. At midday I felt the ceiling in the kitchen and it was cool. I was astounded - it's only a few centimetres from the roof and no heat was getting through!

Needless to say summer is no longer a threat to our working lives and we have shelved plans to install expensive air conditioning. The beauty is that Ceratech is a once-off solution. Unlike an air conditioner, you don't have to keep paying the bills. It's a real saving - and environmentally the right thing to do. So thanks for a great product!"

Don Pinnock
Editor, Getaway Magazine


"The coating of the roof at the Woodstock Micro Depot has been satisfactorily completed.

An immediate improvement in the heath transfer was noted by means of a thermometer from an average of 37.5% degrees C to an astonishing 25.5 degrees C (32%).

The coating was applied to the Slate roof and the IBR sheeting. The net result of this product has resulted in a reduced usage of the air conditioner in the admin section and a much cooler warehouse conducive to the quality of our products and the environment ergonomics.

Definitely a product that can be recommended for use where there is a heat problem."

Gavin Green
Distribution Manager
South African Breweries (SAB)


"About 3 years ago we applied Ceratech Coatings to the outside of
certain of our wine tanks.

We are extremely happy with the temperature reductions achieved
and can only emphasise and testify that these reductions are in line
with the commercial information handed over at the time of order.

The second and most important issue that we wanted to address was
the rust prevention of the steel This has been achieved with flying
colours. Until this moment we have not had any problems anymore
in this regard.

Meerlust is, as you know, a top quality wine producing establishment
where we never compromise on quality. We are proud we did not
compromise for the Ceratech Ceramic Coating.

We wish you all the best for the future and will not hesitate to give a positive reference to our colleagues."

G Dalla Cia
Meerlust Winery


"I wish to thank you and your company for repairing the sub-standard work on the roofs of the Brandy Distillery at Worcester and the wine store at KWV Upington respectively. The sub-standard work was done by others.

The Brandy Distillery at Worcester is a high profile tourist attraction. The ineffectiveness of the previous thermal roof coating (due to product dilution) caused major embarrass-ment for KWV. The first hot days of summer have just passed and the tour guides remarked on the pleasant cool conditions inside the distillery.

The Wine Store at Upington is used to store wine for sale to KWV members. Due to the high summer temperatures, the heat affected the quality of the wine and at times dislodged the corks in the bottles.

The temperature inside and outside the store is being monitored. At an ambient temperature of between 37° C - 40° C, the temperature inside the store remained between 25° C - 27° C. (+- 33 %) This is a remarkable improvement and worthy of mention. From the above it is clear that the Ceratech roof coating has solved the heat problems in 2 major KWV facilities.

Please thank your colleagues for the professional and courteous manner in which the work was completed."

Thanking you.
Yours faithfully,



As you know, we are a major supplier of quality wines from our warehouse situated in Airport Industria Cape Town.

When we occupied the premises our first concern was the heat levels within the building during summer. The ambient temperature often exceeded the levels we deemed acceptable for the storage of fine wines.

The only practical option we had to consider to rectify the situation was to install an air-conditioning system. Based on the internal volume of the warehouse this was a very expensive remedy – both in the capital cost of the equipment and the subsequent running costs. With massive hikes in Eskom tariffs on the way, we were faced with a very costly problem.

Then we learnt about CERATECH. After your presentation we were very sceptical that by simply painting the roof of the warehouse, we could do away with the aircon installation. Despite our scepticism we went ahead and applied the CERATECH coating.

We have just come through a very long, hot summer. Our warehouse remains cool on the hottest of days. Our wines are stored in near perfect conditions. Thank you for bringing this amazing product to our attention. It is certainly a winner when it comes to saving on aircon-spend.

Duane Els
Wines of the Cape


"I have recently discovered a way to reduce my electricity consumption in summer and this letter will serve to inform all who are concerned about Eskom‘s tariff increase of 31,3%. There is another way of combating this increase.

During the summer, I was approached by a man to paint my roof with a product called Ceratech. I was open to the idea of painting my corrugated iron roof because I realised it was rusting and I was starting to experience water leaking on to my ceiling.

This man comfortably assured me these problems would be, as he put it, “sorted out” and that I would also experience cooler temperatures inside and would be using less electricity to power my air-conditioning. Understandably, I was skeptical about this claim.

He explained to me this paint contained ceramics and it would reflect the sun‘s UV and infra-red rays, and then proceeded to place three roof sheets, one of which he coated with this “miracle” product. He then left, returned in half an hour and asked me to feel the underside of these roof sheets. I was astounded by the difference in temperature that I felt with my bare hands.

Two weeks later my roof was coated and our apartment was so much cooler, even on the hottest days during that summer, that we didn‘t even feel the need to switch on our air-conditioning. After hearing of the upcoming increase in the cost of electricity, I was pleased to be reassured that at least I wouldn‘t have to use my air-conditioner this coming summer.

My advice to all who are concerned about Eskom‘s electricity hike is to not only use electricity sparingly but to also consider “passively” controlling our hot summer climate."

Nicola Wynne,
Mount Croix, Port Elizabeth


"Thank you for your e-mail, and please accept my sincere apologies for my tardy reply but I wanted to provide you with carefully considered options rather than a cursory response. May I say for your records, that Mike provided us with such sterling services that I would be very willing to be reference to his perfectionist expertise if ever required. He is indeed a professional par excellence!"

Michelle Beckerleg
Information Systems

V & A Waterfront, Cape Town


"We are happy to confirm that our Department has used your product, Ceratech Coatings, on two of our buildings and that we are extremely happy with the result of the radiant barrier coating.

In effect the offices with the Ceratech Coating are not air conditioned, but give us the same temperatures and inside climate conditions as our air conditioned offices. That of course not only enhances the productivity and comfort level of our personnel, but also saves us a great deal of energy. We are happy to recommend Ceratech Coatings."

Yours faithfully,

Private Bag 13348 WINDHOEK NAMIBIA


"Just to let you know what a good product you promote. I never accept pamphlets at traffic lights. Thank goodness I took yours!

I had heat problems with a C.I .Plettenberger Park home I own in Port Alfred despite the fact that I installed an aircon. Originally there was an enormous Coral tree right next to the unit, but this began to present a potential problem if wind damaged the big branches extending over it. So I had it removed. I then found out that I owned an oven.

I applied the product I purchased from you a few weeks back. Whilst I was still busy with the first coat, my wife commented on the cooling effect the already painted section was experiencing. It was truly amazing. You could feel the difference in temperature by touching the ceilings in coated and uncoated sections. As soon as I have finished an extension I am building on, I am going to coat the exterior walls with a slightly tinted coating as well. I look forward to a somewhat cooler weekend in PA this Easter."

Best Regards,
Tony Pote


"Die Eerste bewyse dat die dakverf ´n noemenswaardige verskil maak aan die temperatuur in die stoor. Die stoor is ongeveer op 13 of 14 Januarie geverf.

Die grafiek hieronder aangeheg (ook in die Excell sigblad) stel voor die logger temperature (gemmeet binne ´n karton met wyn) wat elke 30 minute geneem is (blou) en die maksimum dagtemperature wat by Nietvoorbij aangeteken is vir elke dag vanaf 5 Desember tot 22 Januarie.

Let op dat die maksimum temperatuur binne in die stoor fetlik elke dag die buite temperatuur oorskry het met tussen 3 en 8°C totdat die verf aangewend is en toe is die verskil sowat 4 tot 6° C meer aan die buitenkant. Die "claim" van 10°C verskil kan met reg deur die verskaffers gemaak word as gekyk word na die beperkte hoeveelheid data wat tans beskikbaar is.

´n Ander interessantheid is dat die periode van daaglikse maksimum temperatuur binne die karton verskuif van +- 13h00 – 14h00 tot 17h00– 18h00.

Die verf laat definitief ´n afplattingvan die maksimum temperatuur en ´n vertraging in die bereiking van die temp. piek."

Riël Tredoux
Research Oenologist / Navorsingwynkundige
Distell PO Box 184 STELLENBOSH 7599 South Africa


"Ek wil u grag bedank vir die werk wat afgehandel is by ons M.T.V. werkswinkels te Bloemfontein. Voordat die dakke behandel is, is die temperature so hoog as 47° C binne die lokale gemeet. Werksomstandinghede het soms oordraaglik
geword, tot so ´n mate dat produktiwiteit daaronder gely het.

Sedert die dakke egter behandel is word ´n aangename konstante temperatuur van tussen 25 – 27,5° C gehandhaaf, selfs op dae wanneer the temperatuur buite 32° is. Die produk is werklik uitsteekend en ek kan dit met groot vrymoedigheid

Dra asseblief my dank oor aan u span vir die aangename en bedagsame wyse waarop hulle die werk afgehandel het."

Met vriendelike groete


"Eerstens wil ek jou bedank vir die goeie produk en die goeie diens wat jy aan my gelewer het. Die aanvoelbare temperatuur in my werkswinkel was 43.6 °. Na die produk aangewend was het die temperatuur na 24.4° gedaal, ´n verskil van 19.2° (44%).

Die temperatuur buite was 31° toe die bogenoemde leseings geneem was. Ek is heel verbaas, ek het nie gedink dat daar so 'n groot verskil sou wees nie. Voorheen was dit ´n straf om in die werkswinkel te werk, nou is dit ´n plesier om daar te werk. Ek kan Ceratech enigetyd aanbeveel en sal graag weer van jou diens gebruik wil maak."

Coenraad Louw
Instandhouding Ingenieur
Sabco (SA) (Pty) Ltd


"We would like to express our complete satisfaction with the CERATECH
thermal coating you have sprayed onto the West facing hangar doors and the
roof above the offices.

During summer time the area in our workshop, close to the large metal doors,
used to heat up to such an extent that work in their proximity became
impossible. Thanks to the CERATECH coating we can now utilize our hangar to
the fullest. The temperature is quite remarkable and the drop in temperature
exceeded our expectations.

Hopefully, we will in the near future, be in a position to coat the complete roof."

Kind regards,
W. Grellmann
Westair Aviation (Pty) Ltd


"Now that it is getting warmer I can really see the Ceratech coating come into its own. We are having the first warm days of the season and I can report that the inside of my house is considerable cooler compared to previous years. Although the strength of the sun might not be at its fullest yet, the roof has sun for most of the day now since the trees have no leaves yet and therefore don’t supply afternoon shade. Under normal circumstances I would have already switched the fan on and have windows and doors wide open. Now I am quite happy just having the windows slightly open. This is an added bonus since we are out in the country and this time of the year is the driest and due to the wind also the dustiest, there is considerably less dust inside. "

Martina - ANGENI


"We use a Panel Van to deliver Chocolates and other sweets to various businesses
in the Boland. The temperature was very high at that time and we had a lot of chocolates melting, as the van is
parked in the sun most of the time while the deliveries are made.

We approached Ceratech with our problem.
The Ceratech was applied in two layers. The result is that in the winter months
the van can be parked in full sunshine with all the windows closed without any
damage to the chocolates.

In the hot summer days the outside heat comes into the Van when the doors are
opened and this tends to push up the temperature, but even so the chocolates do
not melt if you park no longer than half-an-hour per stop in direct sun, whereas
without the Ceratech Coating the chocolates melted no matter where we parked.

With the van parked in full sunshine the Ceratech coated part of the Van stays
cool to the touch, whilst you could fry an egg on the un-coated bonnet of the van.

We would definitely recommend Ceratech to keep your Panel Van at a
temperature low enough to make deliveries of chocolates a pleasure."

Yours faithfully,


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